The Palapa Company Does Thatching, Re-Thatching,and Repairs

Additional Information

 Yes we do carry replacement thatch,thatching, tiki hut grass at competitive prices. In fact, if you buy a palapa kit from us now or are a previous customer, we will be happy to give you a 10% discount on replacement thatch when you are ready to reorder and it will be shipped to you at a click of a button.  


 What Size Replacement Palapa Thatched Cover Should I Buy?

To Determine this, Simply:

Step 1. Measure your umbrella or frame from the top center tip to the outer edge.

Step 2. Multiply that figure by two, then add one foot (the added foot provides for the umbrella overhang).

Example: If the measurement from the top center peak (so you will be measuring half of a circle at a angle) is 4ft to the outer edge of the frame, times that by two which is 8ft then you would order a 9ft palapa umbrella top cover.This will give plenty of overhang around the umbrella edges. 

Make sure the lowest part of your umbrella frame (outer ring) is no less that 7.6 feet from the ground or the grass overhang may be to low and may touch your head when walking underneath, then trimming may be required.

A Brief History Lesson on Palapa Thatch Umbrellas

Made from Rustic Tropical Pinewood Poles!

There is a name for those beautiful tropical umbrellas that accent patio tables: palapas.

Also known as grass thatched umbrellas or grass umbrellas, palapa umbrellas are made from rustic tropical pinewood poles.

In their native lands, they are purely functional as shade structures. However, in suburban America, palapas are a popular way to add a tropical ambiance to nearly any outdoor living environment.

All About our Beautiful Palapa Thatch Umbrellas

Both Standard & Fire Retardant and So Many Sizes!

The Palapa Company carries both standard and fire retardant palapa thatched umbrella, available in numerous sizes, please call for pricing on the fire retardant thatch tops. 

Generally speaking, our palapa thatched umbrella has an excellent lifespan. In dry climates with little rainfall, these palapa umbrellas can last three to seven years or more.

For those in moist climates and heavy rainfall areas also when using any thatch material on a closed or plywood roof it does affect the lifespan trapping the moisture. Creating a air space between the two layers will help. 

We also offer palapa umbrella covers, which make it easy to transform ordinary commercial style outdoor umbrellas into palapa umbrellas.

In Addition, to make your life easier, we also offer Easy Do it Yourself Palapa Kits. 

If you wish to make your own palapa umbrella, this can be done by using a palapa cover to hang over a pre-cut wood frame. All palapa umbrella pictures have two layers meaning you would need two covers to get that thickness.

If you are using palapa umbrella covers on a collapsible market umbrella with a canvas material that folds down, you cannot collapse the umbrella while it is in the downward position. Doing this may tear the cover in the center.

 We don't recommend using them on this style because they will not last and don't always fit correctly

Installing Palapa Umbrella Top Covers

Proper Installation is Key to a Long Life!

Unlike other umbrellas, a grass umbrella allows the wind to pass through it, which means less strain on the structure and a longer life for the product. However, proper installation is key.

To ensure your palapa umbrella will withstand the impact of strong winds, use nylon zip ties or staples when installing one of our palapa umbrella covers to wood framing. These are designed for a permanent install not recommended for removing and installing every season.

Make sure to pull the zip ties tight. Pliers works best. If not secured correctly your palapa covers will start to fall apart usually in the center first it will create a hole and then get bigger and bigger causing it to tear everywhere else. This is typical of a bad installation.

How to Install Palapa Umbrella Thatch Replacement Top Covers

When you are ready to install the palapa cover remove plastic and all strings that hold palapa cover except for the one at the widest end. Climb ladder and set the pointed end of the palapa cover in the dead center of your structure, very important that it is center before cutting the last string. Once centered cut the last string and start unfolding the palapa cover till you have a half of a circle. Now take a push broom and go under one layer and gently push the palapa cover to the other side. Now go around the outer edges and get all of the ripples out and attach all the nylon zip ties everywhere that we supplied you or better yet use a pneumatic staple gun and place about 12 staples on each arm trying to get some in the knot portion of the thatch. 

How often should I replace the thatch?

Our thatch should last about approximately three to five years in dryer climates and in damp and more humid climates it will last slightly less than that. We normally recommend replacing the top layer of thatch only (as needed) since it is usually this layer that deteriorates the most from the outdoor elements. 

Does the thatch require any maintenance?

Coolie (the penguin) recommends hosing off the thatch once installation of the palapa is complete. Until rinsed, the thatch tends to release a light brown harmless residue. So when you are done grab a hose and rinse it down a few times and your issue will be resolved.

Does your Palapa need to be Re-Thatched or need Repairs? The Palapa Company can help you.

Does your Palapa need to be Re-Thatched or need Repairs? The Palapa Company can help you.